Maximizing the Value of Your Inventions

Obtaining exclusive IP rights in your company’s products or processes creates highly valuable corporate assets.  Without securing your IP rights, competitors can take advantage of your inventions without having to invest in research and development and can reduce your company’s profits by offering identical products.  That is why patents are so important.  Patents allow you to maintain market exclusivity for your inventions for the life of the patent to help you to increase or maintain profit margins and grow your company free from competition.

Do I Need Protection?

To be protected under United States patent law, you need to file a patent application within one year of publicly revealing your invention.  This is not the case, however, in many other countries.  For international patent protection to be valid, a patent must be filed before its public reveal.  In addition, because the United States patent system is now on a “first-to-file” basis, it is important to seek protection of your inventions before anyone else.  The registered patent attorneys at MOCC can ensure that your invention is protected wherever necessary before it’s too late.  Remember, your IP is not safe until your patent application has been filed.

The Attorneys of MOCC

At MOCC, we will work with you and your inventors to determine what type of patent protection is right for your company.  Our analysis will depend on the novelty of your invention, its technological aspects and the needs of your business.  We will counsel and guide you through the appropriate patent filing strategies, including both domestic and international patent application filings.  Thus, we can help you identify your IP needs and make sure that your IP is protected to the maximum extent possible.

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