IP Enforcement

Due to the economic advantages derived from various forms of IP, many competitors are willing to take the risk of infringing to increase profits.  In addition, most IP owners seek to enforce their IP rights against any such infringers.  These factors have lead to a significant increase in IP litigation and, as a result, has increased the number of attorneys attempting to service clients in this area of law.  In choosing IP litigation counsel, however, it is imperative that you select attorneys who have extensive experience in all areas IP law that fully understand both the technical and legal issues of a conflict in order to fully protect the litigant’s rights.

The Attorneys of MOCC

The attorneys of MOCC provide their clients with both the technical and legal expertise to assure a full understanding of the issues.  Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, we will counsel and guide you through the litigation process and help you fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  That way, you can make informed decisions throughout the litigation process.  Thus, we can help you make sure that your legal rights are protected and/or defended to the maximum extent possible.

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